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Media delivery systems change often but Make Fresh Productions believes no matter how consumers receive messaging, "Content IS King". It is our mission to deliver accurate, ethical, exciting, informative and timely content. And always on deadline. 

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Steve Lange

Steve Lange  

Executive Producer – Co-Founder, Make Fresh Productions  


Steve Lange is a 30-year Television veteran, multi-platform content creator and producer. Lange began his broadcast journalism career in TV news and rose to become News Director in the top three television markets. He led his newsrooms to top honors in all three -- achieving number one status in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Lange has been awarded numerous Emmys and other top industry awards. Lange was Executive Producer of The Young Turks, the number one on-line political news show. Lange successfully brought the popular millennial program to both Fusion and Current TV.    Lange’s credits also include, Executive Producer Extra, the syndicated magazine show. He has produced thousands of hours of programing for Food Network, History Channel, Discovery, HGTV, and National Geographic including BBQ with Bobby Flay and Wolfgang Puck, staring the acclaimed chef. Lange was awarded a national Emmy for the Wolfgang Puck Show.    Lange is co-creator of  TechKnow, the award-winning show about science by millennial scientists. In its multi-season run, TechKnow has won acclaim for innovative story telling and production.    He is President & Executive Producer, Make Fresh Productions Inc. and oversees the company’s current programs featuring TechKnow on Al Jazeera English, The Young Turks on Fusion and IBM’s IoT -TV on YouTube.     

Roland Woerner

Roland Woerner 

Executive Producer – Co-Founder, Make Fresh Productions    

Two decades at NBC News in various producer positions including Senior Field Producer for NBC Today and Senior Producer for MSNBC Hardball with Chris Matthews.    Roland has produced hundreds of network television projects ranging from hard news to features shot around the world working with talent ranging from Tom Brokaw to Katie Couric to David Frost.    In 2013 at Al Jazeera America, he co-created and was Executive Producer of TechKnow (75 aired episodes), an award-winning science show seen in 300-million global homes via AJAM and Al Jazeera English.    At Current TV, he was Senior Producer on the political analysis show “The Young Turks”.    Working outside of news and analysis TV for two years, Roland was a producer for both Judge Joe Brown” and “Swift Justice with Nancy Grace” court shows for CBS Television Distribution.    He started his career in New York City, producing for radio at WNBC-AM and WABC-AM, and producing specialized videos for Aviation Week Magazine (McGraw-Hill).    Currently he’s co-Founder and Executive Producer of Make Fresh Productions, a television/digital production company with esteemed clients that include IBM, Fusion Cable Network, and Al Jazeera America.    He is a published author creating and writing the bestselling book franchise “eBay for Dummies” (Wiley Co. Publisher). Roland has a proven track record of keen editorial judgement, managerial skills, creativity, and meeting deadlines under the most difficult of circumstances.  

TechKnow - Science & Innovation Episodes

Make Fresh Productions produced this award winning global science show (75 episodes to date) seen on linear and digital outlets. This episode, Heart In a Box, viewed 11 million times on YouTube.

TYT Network INJustice/Luke Scarmazzo

Make Fresh Productions produced a 6 part episodic series on unjust incarcerations in the U.S. 

TYT Network INJustice/Michelle West

Make Fresh Productions produced a 6 part episodic series on unjust incarcerations in the U.S. 

KCET Earth Focus/Urban Habitat

Make Fresh Productions produced Earth Focus series on global adaptation for KCET Public Television.

KCET Earth Focus/Climate Refugee Migration

Excerpt of KCET Earth Focus episode of Haitian refugees in Mexico produced by Make Fresh Productions. 

STEM - Empowering Young Hearts and Minds

STEM Success in Las Vegas High School with internationally acclaimed robotic team.

Al Roker's Real Science

Science show hosted by Al Roker

Make-A-Wish "Jungle Bugs" with Phil Torres

Exclusive video produced for Make-A-Wish Foundation

TYT on Fusion

Make Fresh Productions produced 12 one hour "TYT on Fusion" specials live from universities around the country.  Full episode here at Harvard University, featuring Cenk Uygur. All remotes produced included live audience participation, panelists, special guests, using Multi-Cameras, Tricaster, and broadcast with LiveU.

IBM Silverhook Racing Promo

Nigel Hook/Silverhook Racing and IBM Watson team up to take the new open ocean world record between Key West and Havana. 

TechKnow - Cars of the Future

In the future, the open road knows no bounds. TechKnow investigates cars and automotive technology that's right around the corner. 

IBM David Haase "Wired Bicyclist"

Produced exclusively for IBM. 

Clay Aiken Episodic Series

Clay Aiken walks America telling the important stories that make up the fabric of our country.

IBM "Olli" Self Driving Vehicle

Produced exclusively for IBM

TechKnow Presentation Reel

Science information for a global audience 

Culture Show Presentation Reel

More than just POP culture, this episodic series is the exploration of the cultural Zeitgeist. 

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